Monday, April 23, 2012

Memory Quilt FAQ's

Every spring I have the pleasure of turning sentimental garments and childhood memorabilia into memory quilts for college bound teens. Here, I'll attempt to address some of the questions you might have about my process for making these lasting gifts.

Q: How many garments/items do I need to provide?
A: 30 - 40 articles are needed for a twin size quilt. Twin size is the most popular for college bound teens. It will measure approximately 63"x 87". That said, I am happy to work with as many or few items you might have. Special items might include t-shirts, jerseys (1-2 max), uniform pants and skirts (I know they're tired of looking at them now, but one day those plaids, khaki's and wools will evoke fond memories!), neckties, favorite baby blankets, etc...

Q: Can you make any size quilt?
A: Sure, I can make any size you wish! Price and number of items needed subject to change.

Q: Speaking of price, how much are your memory quilts?
A: I charge $1500 + tax and require 50% up front and balance on delivery.

Q: Why do they cost so much?! I've seen online sources who charge a lot less than you.

( I know you're thinking this so I'm going to take the opportunity to tell you :)
A: Most online sources use a cookie cutter approach. They take your items, cut the best 8" or 12" block from each article and sew them together. These are perfectly nice quilts! I wouldn't fault anyone for going that route. It's just not what I like to do. I'm a designer. I like working to the strengths of each item given and I'm especially good at selecting additional high quality fabrics that make all of the bits and pieces come together beautifully! I also enjoy getting to know my clients. Here's how I work.
I come over to your place and take a look at your kids room. I like to see their space & take in their vibe! We sit and talk about your awesome kid and their favorite colors, special qualities and quirks. We talk about how much you're going to miss them next year:( At this point, we both might cry a little bit. You hand over their laundered things and let me get to work!

Q: How long does it take? Am I too late for August or September?
A: I like to have 8 weeks to complete a memory quilt. If you need it sooner, I'll do my best to accommodate you.

Q: Should I tell my kid I'm going to cut up their clothing?
A: Mom or Dad knows best!

If you'd like to chat, feel free to call me at 214-215-3049


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