Friday, April 8, 2011


What are you up to this weekend? So many nice options! If you live around here, your best bet is the 3rd annual Dallas Art Fair which runs through Sunday. After the Fair, you might as well keep your art buzz going! Have you seen the 2008 documentary, Herb & Dorothy? It's the story of a New York postal worker and his librarian wife who compiled a world class modern art collection. It's inspiring!

Enjoy your weekend!

Asparagus Mushroom Potato Soup - Peachtree Family Cookbook

1 leek, sliced
3 c mushrooms, sliced
3 T butter
3 garlic cloves
6 c red potatoes, quartered, unpeeled
10 c chicken broth
1 t freshly ground pepper
1 lb asparagus, sliced into 1 1/2" lengths
salt to tast

In a stock pot, saute the leeks and mushrooms in the butter and garlic until tender.
Add the potatoes, broth and pepper and cook until the potatoes are soft. The asparagus should be added last and cooked only until crisp tender, about 5-7 minutes. Salt to taste. Garnish with sour cream or creme fraiche. Plain greek yogurt would work too.

Photo by Esteban Cavrico via Flickr

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

now....where were we?

I sure do hope the past few months have treated you well!
I left you right after Sadie's bat mitzvah and Sailor Glam party.
It was perfect. That's Sadie's hand drawn tat (tatt?).

I went from platinum to brunette with a painful grow out period in between.
I lost, gained, lost, gained and am currently losing the same 10 pounds.
I just can't seem to quit you!

In November I took a full time job in addition to being a quilt maker.

Winter 2011! Ya-hooo! We loved our snow and ice days because it gave us
plenty of time for Valentines!

Another year older. If older is wiser, then perhaps my newfound wisdom
led me to the wonders of Jumbo marshmallows.

Alan and I created this fun recycling mascot for a local elementary school.

Cave danger in the Hill Country. Pitch black. Super scary.

My boy Buster has slowed to a crawl....

What have YOU been up to?

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