Thursday, March 19, 2009

yard patterned baldness

Right now, our yard is no show place. Somewhere during these past 19 years our yard became an afterthought. I think I'm ready to reclaim it. Just last night we were lamenting the sorry state of our yard. We have unsightly bald patches in our ground cover. Even The Donald couldn't comb over these spots.
This morning, I went on a particularly fortuitous run through our neighborhood.
I happened upon some large mounds of freshly dug vinca, roots intact, that had been placed on the sidewalk. It was the exact variety I needed to patch our yard.
Later in the morning I left a note asking if it was for the taking.
The generous homeowner gave me the go ahead.
Tomorrow...........we plant.
What have we learned? Keep your eyes open and you might stumble into just what you need.

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