Thursday, April 2, 2009

if i had a C edition

I have $100 to spend in my yard.

I asked landscape architect David Rolston how to spend it.
"Tear out your steel edging, recycle it and create a small trenched edge.
Maintain with an edger or a week whacker and notice all the adoring
comments you receive from visitors. If you can do only one thing in your garden,
have a beautiful edge. The edge is everything in life. This costs nothing if you like
to burn calories."
The home of David and his talented wife, Julie Cohn, can be seen on this months cover of
Metropolitan Home.

photos by Jack Thompson for Metropolitan Home


  1. Hmmmm David and Julie must be skinny from all the weed-whacking they have to be doing to keep those tidy edges. Its precise! I've got St. Augustine runners vying daily for metal edge supremacy. A polite trench wouldn't stand a chance?


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