Tuesday, April 7, 2009

i think i'll plant a salad- part 2

My thumb isn't a smidge green when it comes to gardening. Inspired by Felder Rushing, the Mississippi horticulturist featured in an earlier post, I've decided to try again. Basil, swiss chard and lettuce plants in hand and my girls and their homework close behind, we plant a container garden. We have big, old, wonderful trees in our neighborhood. While we love our trees and the relief they provide on summer afternoons, the shade can be a real obstacle if, like me, you dream of yourself in a cheery floral print sundress and floppy hat clipping colorful zinnias and coneflowers for the table or handfuls of fresh herbs for your kitchen. This way, I'll be able to move the portable container around until I find a spot where the plants are happy.

First, I drilled holes in a plastic bin. Next, I put a layer of shale in the bottom for better drainage. I then filled the bin about 3/4 full with potting soil. Finally it was time to plant.

I hope this works. I think I see a little tint in my thumb already.

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