Sunday, July 4, 2010

a neighborly fourth

Suggestions for a neighborly fourth:

1. Bake a cake. Any flavor. Box or homemade. It doesn't matter. That isn't the point.
Frost with white icing. Decorate like a flag. Hint. Blueberries make an awfully nice field of blue. Tasty too.
2. Grab a handful of paper plates and plastic forks.
3. Walk up and down your street with cute children in tow. Or spouse or friends. Or pets.
4. Knock on the door and offer a slice of flag cake.
5. Have a nice chat and move on to the next house.
6. Don't stop knocking until the cake is gone.

Boom. Happy 4th.

*This post originally ran in 2009. Being neighborly never gets old!

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