Monday, July 5, 2010


How was your Fourth? I sniffled my way through Toy Story 3 and we enjoyed a nice fireworks show. Over the weekend we also learned to make fresh pasta with an awesome family. It was really fun. Kitchen Aid pasta attachments now top my list of must haves.

You just have to drink great wine when you're making fresh pasta. Great wine is even better when served from a cool, hand blown decanter.

The sauce was fantastic. The recipe was from Marcella Hazan. Here is a terrific link to lots of her recipes.

Bella and Cookie are ready to eat!
Our thanks to the Pasquinelli's for all the fun!


  1. sounds wonderful. fresh pasta is the best the decanter is pretty cool, but ms. bella takes the cake, i mean cookie in cuteness ;)!

  2. I would love to make pasta every week. A tradition no more a reflex that you couldn't surpress. Love it. What a great fun night!

    cheers - ann

  3. Oh gosh YUM!!!!! I have the kitchen aid and attachments...and tried once...but failed miserably!!! I am open for a lesson! Have wine will travel or open house here! (or will even settle for a good recipe!)


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