Thursday, September 16, 2010

the meat grinder

No, this isn't a post on Lady Gaga's putrid meat dress from the VMA. But rather, a post on recess. Didn't you just love recess as a kid?!? Our school playground did not resemble the razzle dazzle playscapes of today. No wood chips or squishy surfaces to cushion our fall. No brightly colored plastic equipment to prevent small hands from burning on hot days. Our playground consisted of a metal jungle gym, a bank of swings and the meat grinder. The meat grinder was a slab of black asphalt - the site for red rover, jump rope and all manner of horseplay. It was accurately dubbed the meat grinder because it literally shredded your tender young skin on contact. Hico Elementary recess wasn't for wimps! Aren't you just wild about this incredible swing for 12 made from recycled tires constructed by Jan Korbes in South Africa? Can you even imagine the fun?!? I want one now!

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