Thursday, May 7, 2009

finding mom's card

It started with a beautiful, fragrant wrapper from a bar of fancy soap. With tiny birds and a slight shimmer, it was just too pretty to throw away. I added the backside of a handmade paper thank you note written by a friend, Sadie's paper scraps and fun adhesive dots left from a recent baby shower. Since I've seen my fabrics end up in birds nests from time to time, the teeny slivers and bits of fabric from last week's quilting project seemed a perfect addition. Once I found the holiday '08 gift tie from Anthropologie and the Colorscope palette chart from Paper Source I knew I had gathered an awesome card for my Mom. Every object looked beautiful together.

I double threaded my machine with two different shades of pink for a richer, more textural look and got to work. I cut a manila folder into an 8" square and sewed white paper to both sides to create a bright background and sturdy card. I began to collage with no particular plan in mind. I used the quilting foot of my machine and tried some writing. The quilting foot didn't love the manila folder but I did my best. The "I love you" initially looked a lot like "I love gou", so I sewed over the "y" again making it a bit more readable. I just trouble shoot as I go. I loved the end result. I hope my mom will too.

A happy day to all you great Moms.


  1. i absolutely love your homemade card. makes me so ashamed of the bought one that i sent to mom. i don't know why these pretty things
    can't be marketed for uncreative types.. i think they would LOVE
    them.... reminds me a litttle of the kids book , Jenny's Hat , i think it is written by ezra jack keats


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