Monday, October 26, 2009

project siriano

We are wild about Project Runway in our house. Sewing, fashion, creativity,'s the best! If you love Project Runway too, you'll recognize this minute little fellow as Christian Siriano, the winner of season 4. He was in town over the weekend greeting clients and fans at a beautiful upscale boutique. The girls were thrilled to meet him. He loved their curls and Sadie's reinvention of my 1980 Hico Tigers cheerleader top.
Enjoy the brilliant Amy Poehler as Christian on Saturday Night Live. Happy Monday.


  1. Yea for your girls. How fun. You always seem to make special things happen for them. They are so lucky. Thanks for the funny clip.


  2. Shari - did you see that Hico made this month's Southern Living? Even the Koffee Kup is mentioned! :-)


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