Tuesday, October 20, 2009

halloween hubbub - a party pictorial

If you're a frequent visitor to Rotten Bananas, then you might already feel like you know Dori and Jim, my fun loving, wildly creative sister and brother in law. Here's a peek inside their kids' Halloween birthday bash. Super scary! All the cool kids were there. Lots of other sights too.....

There were cats and dogs,

Friendly bats and scary, hairy bats,

Good guys and bad guys,

Birthday girls and thrill seekers,

Black lights and orange lights,

And Payton and potions!

If you're interested in seeing the whole slew of party photos, I'll post a link to Flickr for an unedited view.


  1. Absolutely love the photos. The colors are wonderful. Halloween is such a blast. -- Your family is amazing!

  2. love the photos shari - awesome!


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