Monday, February 22, 2010

hatching a winner

Would you like to see the project that kept me from blogging last week? Our recent snow storm literally forced my hand on this current quilt project. The power outage turned this machine applique quilt into a hand applique one and had me channeling my inner Ma Ingalls on the prarie with Sophie and Sadie in the supporting roles of Mary and Laura.
Long after the power was restored, I was still hand stitching, thimble on finger, finishing what I started. This sweet little quilt is for a school auction.

I've made many, many quilts for school auctions. The objective is to involve kids in the process and to end up with a quilt that all of them want for their very own. A bidding frenzy ensues. A win for the school and for one delighted kid.

Since these kids raise chickens at their school, this quilt is all about eggs. Every child embroidered an egg. Here's some of their handiwork. Kids don't over think the creative process. The result is magic. They have tons of fun. And they're invested in our project.

You'll see this chicken again.

Today, off to Deb, my master quilter and pal, so she can bring the quilt to life.
I'll post the finished quilt next week. In the meantime, have a great Monday.


  1. I was wondering where you had gone! i was about to call today to make sure everything was ok!

    Lovely, lovely quilt!! It will sell hundreds of raffle tickets!

  2. ....I love it! Am very egg-cited to see the completed quilt!

  3. a bidding frenzy will be inevitable. its wonderful.

  4. thanks for missing me laura! this quilt coupled with the dreaded common cold took me down! xo,s

  5. good morning pam, i love all of our collaborations!

  6. hi fay, a frenzy would be fine by me. i'll let you know!

  7. i am so nuts about this quilt I can hardly stand it!

  8. Rodney and I laughed and laughed at the naughty music video and at your portal gym that offers a rest area in case of nausea. You still have a wonderful sense of humor, and we enjoy getting to see glimpses of it - and you.

  9. This quilt is so cute! Can't wait to see the complete one!


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