Friday, February 26, 2010

human rainbow

If you visit my blog with any regularity, you can probably tell that
I love color.Bright, vivid, saturated color.
When I heard the NPR story on the Hindu festival Holi,
I just had to see it for myself. Absolutely stunning.

Holi is a celebration of Spring. During the festival, all
social gaps are bridged. Age, sex and social status are
disregarded. It's noisy, raucous and joyful.

People hug and laugh and douse one another in color.
A human rainbow.

By the way, this natural powder supposedly washes off
with a shower or two.

Holi begins this Sunday, the 28th. Happy Holi to
all those who celebrate this incredible festival
and happy weekend to everyone else!

photo credits:,,,
porus chaudry for


  1. I remember seeing this festival on Amazing Race. I thought it looked so fun! Great pics!

  2. i love that festival and the photos you chose are fantastic! enjoy your weekend!

  3. incredible color! the only think is i think their lungs are just as colorful. sincerely, debbie downer


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