Wednesday, April 14, 2010


The girls were all abuzz last night. Loud, giggly and excited.
Sophie baked Funfetti cookies from a box, and arranged them
neatly on trays as though guests were arriving any minute.
No kidding, it was festive around here, especially for a school night!
All this hubbub over the continuation of Glee.
This is not surprising to me. They love show tunes.
They just had wasn't an option.
I was raised on show tunes. South Pacific, Man from La Mancha,
Oklahoma and of course, Funny Girl.
That's me in the white knee socks alongside my sister Dori.
I adored my Babs inspired Funny Girl sailor outfit.
My aunt Kathy bought them for all of us girls. They even came with a
wooden whistle necklace. We loved those dresses and wore them to see the movie.
How awesome was that?!?
Foreshadow: dressing like favorite characters from musicals.

When my girls were very small,
I wanted them to get accustomed to behaving nicely in
theaters so that we could enjoy musicals together. I would drive
one fancy neighborhood in particular looking for placards in yards
announcing upcoming productions. I drove the swanky neighborhood
because their middle school drama department was so well funded
that their costumes and sets and sound were
incredible,like off Broadway!
It was great because walking away from a $2 ticket was
easy to do if people got crabby.
Did we ever have fun! They donned poodle skirts for Bye Bye Birdie,
fringy western duds for Annie Get Your Gun, the yellow ball gown
from Beauty and the Beast and turn of the century street urchin chic for
Oliver.Sadie actually spent an entire year channeling
Jack Dawkins from Oliver.
I think they might've loved Oliver best of all.


  1. I am so glad you found that old photo! How fun!!! and what a treta it was to have coffee with you yesterday. You are one of the nicest gals I hav emet in a loooong time. big hugs!

  2. your photo is great and i love your purse, too. appreciating the arts is so important for kids to learn who they are. it's wonderful you're able to affordably experience the theater with them.

  3. amy, thanks for the kind words.....big hugs right back!

  4. hi kristen, where is the best place for me to visit your goings on these days? wool or baby land? let me know.

  5. hi cindy, thanks for noticing my super cool turquoise beaded purse. don't you remember pieces from your wardrobe as a kid? i thought that was very special! i have such a good time with my girls cindy.....they're growing into the adults i hoped they would be!

  6. Shari, wonderful photo, and I absolutely admire your knee high socks. You are soo cute. I remember seeing Funny Girl, in Cleve. OH, and spilling an entire box of Good & Plentys all over the shiny marble floor. I was with my sister Sally, and all she could do was sympathize with my loss! -- I love Sadie's love of Broadway tunes. I will never forget her singing, "Where is Love" in the back seat of my car. Thanks for the great memories Shari. --

  7. How fun! What a great idea, taking your kids to see productions at the affluent schools, I'll have to remember that for my nieces and nephews.

    You are too cute in the little sailor outfit! Your (aunt?/mom?) on the right is very glamorous.

  8. Shari, this is such a sweet tradition you started for your girls! I love how they got into character for each show you saw together, and I adore the old-school photo of you and your family. Thank you for sharing:)


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