Monday, April 19, 2010

ka-bow wow wow - explosion of color

We've had a few gray days around here. Dreary, blah days.
These photos from The New York Times really perked me
up this morning. Meet some of the colorful
contestants from Intergroom, a trade show for dog groomers.
Look at these patient poodles!
Buster and Olive won't even sit still for a nail trim.

Francesa the seahorse.

Indiana Bones

Look at Skye. Do you see the dragon on her side?
The intense color is phenomenal!

Tucker as the Mad Hatter. Aren't the spools of thread clever?

This is Missy. Her owner Angela Kumpe won Sundays contest
with this design of a grieving angel created in memory of her mom
who died in February.

Aren't they remarkable?
Happy Monday everyone.

photos by Suzy Allman for The New York Times


  1. I think those 4 legged children should sue!

  2. Bizarre! I hope they are having fun! I too am ready for some sunshine!


  3. I suppose I could almost do this to my Lucy... but it's way too frightening... :)


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