Sunday, April 11, 2010

natures armor

I ran over this turtle. Not with my car, but with my foot.
At first I thought he was a pecan and didn't stop. But I knew
in my gut it wasn't a pecan, so I ran back to take a look.
He was very still, but looked perfect. Internal injuries? Maybe.
Traumatized at the very least. I picked him up and finished my run.

He didn't move for an hour or more, then finally poked his little
head out to say hello.

Was his life spared because I'm so light on my feet? Not likely.
Although I'm sure it helped that my running pace
is less hare, more tortoise.
It had to be his amazing (and beautifully designed!) suit of armor.
His name is Milton. We'll stare at him for a few days before
he moves down the street to our neighbors lush tropical pond.

Photos by Sophie


  1. How wonderful!!! Thanks for sharing that! (it's of Amy Lou's BFFs! She finally sent me you link! I L-O-V-E your blog! I am now a new fan! =)

  2. Hi Monica! Welcome! I'm so happy you enjoy the blog. I'm just crazy about that Amy...Visit often, ok?

  3. he is so beautiful he almost doesn't look real!


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