Wednesday, May 27, 2009

uncle fun builds a treehouse

Uncle Fun isn't the name of a creepy kids birthday clown. That's the nickname given my brother in law Jim, by his nieces and nephews. Uncle Fun just built a VERY cool treehouse for his twin girls using materials recycled from a recent kitchen renovation right down to the cabinet doors.

The only materials purchased were reed fencing, roofing materials, some 2x4's and 4x6's for a total of $200.
Here are some additional details from my sister, Dori.
  • It was built over three weekends.
  • Jim was able to incorporate a fort previously built for Georgia and Lillian as a first story platform.
  • Leftover house paint brightens the interior.
  • It is 8'x8'
The treehouse has already been the site of family dinners and an overnight sleep out. The pulley operated bucket sends up goldfish by day for the kids and chilled wine after hours for the grown ups.
They are sure to have great fun in it this summer.

By the way, not only is Jim fun, but he was also voted SECOND most friendly and best dancer in his Virginia class of 1982. As he tells it, the crowd was captivated with his spot on robot. What a guy. Every family should be so lucky.

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  1. uncle fun is a perfect title for jim. we are so lucky to have him in our family.. i wish you would have listed his many titles!!!!!!


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