Sunday, May 10, 2009

mommy music & makeup

Sleepy eyed Sadie emerges from the bedroom, curls springing in every convceivable direction, violin tucked under her arm. No words are spoken. She tapes a piece of sheet music to the oven door and begins playing Colors of the Wind, my favorite Disney song from my favorite Disney heroine, Pocahontas. That's how my Mothers Day began.

Sophie, my budding MAC enthusiast, applied makeup to my typically bare face and took the photo above.
I'm sporting a BEST MOM AWARD crown fashioned from a deck of playing cards made by Sadie. The girls tricked out the photos for this post.
Alan fought his way through the crowds at the grocery and got us set for the week.
What could be better?

It was a perfectly sweet day.


  1. Adorable - you look so festively beautiful. Could Sophie and Sadie work their magic on me!

  2. Thank you Fay......the girls are quite the magicians, aren't they?


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