Friday, May 15, 2009

delightful friday sights

These sightings made me smile today. 
  • I saw a man with a life size cutout of Barack Obama riding in his passenger seat.   
  • We had a male and female duck hanging out in our front yard.
  • My pal Stephanie left a beautiful bag on my front porch with a sweet note, a bottle of Absolut and tonic and a Bon Appetit magazine.
  • While waiting in carpool line, I watched two little girls playing while waiting for their big sisters to get out of school. They made elaborate Andy Goldsworthy type twig sculptures with a running dialogue.  When tired of building, they would break into frenzied cartwheels and then resume building. Sweet.  
Enjoy your weekend!

I found this festive balloon garland on Design Mom, via Wide Open Spaces, via Tiara Mia.

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