Wednesday, August 5, 2009

iphone. therefore i am

We ditched our land line just last week. So far, we haven't missed it a bit. My friend Stephanie, on the other hand, took it a little harder. She actually took a quiet moment to mourn the loss of our old friend xxx-xxx-xxxx. Now I find myself forced into cell vigilance. Dead battery unacceptable. No more forgetting it on the kitchen table. A commitment to family and friends to be more available. More findable. It goes against my grain. I reluctantly inherited Alan's first generation iPhone. A real step up from Sophie's hand me down chunky red flip. So, here I am. Ready or not. Charged, wired and ready to chat.

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  1. making speedy progress...thank you very much.

  2. willie is one of my favorite you know him??? small world!!

  3. hi kerri,
    alan and i have known willie for many years. he and alan had space in the white swan building together and i called on him as an artists' rep. he's a super talented guy. so nice to make the connection.

    hope you had a great thanksgiving!


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