Thursday, August 13, 2009

it's the little things. the itty bitty things

Did you have a piggy bank when you were a kid? Do you have one now? I do. Not a piggy, but a doggy bank. I've been tucking coins and some of the folding stuff in mine for the past few months. Clearly, not a mind bending idea. Just a little jump start on holiday saving. Plus, the dog is cute.

Here is another simple idea that requires some thinking ahead. Wouldn't a collection of clear mason jars make for a simple but elegant Thanksgiving table? I know. It's only August and the Halloween costumes are barely out, but honestly, you'll need time to hit some garage sales between now and November to find the varieties of shapes and sizes for the biggest impact. I think it's great. How about you?
Little things. Nice finish.

mason jar photo via apartment therapy


  1. good idea to plan ahead. i love the way the table looks with the glowing candles in the glass.

  2. Micki, I bet you have a bunch of mason jars already. Don't you love the simplicity?

  3. Very good idea...I will definitely find an excuse to do this! This would be a cheap way to decorate an outdoor wedding, too...I'll be sure to share with any brides I come across.

  4. Great idea for table decorations.

  5. I love your ideas! all of them! you give me inspiration:) And I am sorry for any of my misspellings, I am norwegian and live in Norway: It is sooo cool that we can connect with people over the internet:) Have a great day;)

  6. hello plumsing in norway! what a thrill to hear from you so far away. like you, i think it's absolutely amazing that we can forge these friendships online. thank you for taking the time to comment. i'm glad you enjoy the ideas and i hope you will visit often. please pass along to any of your friends if you think they would enjoy it. have a great weekend and please come again.


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