Monday, August 31, 2009


Question. As Dwight Schrute might say. (Do you love The Office? Anyone? New season 9/17) Rather, questions. Plural. A few months into this blog, I have some questions for you, dear readers. This one sided conversation can be a little lonesome.
  1. What do you think of Rotten Bananas? Do you enjoy the content?
  2. How can I improve the content? What areas would you like to see included? I would greatly appreciate your ideas & suggestions.
  3. Would you enjoy seeing some video posts? maybe a tutorial on sewing, do it yourself projects, holiday crafts or cooking? Perhaps visits to creative, talented, inspiring people? Or grown up field trips to cool homes, gardens & studios?
  4. If you're reading this blog, but haven't signed up as a follower or subscriber, are you facing obstacles? Would you like step by step instructions on signing up as a follower? Is it the hassle factor? Or you just don't want to commit?
I know. Too many questions for a Monday morning. But, I'm trying to grow my little blog into bunches and bunches of rotten bananas followers! So, I hope you find it worth the time to provide a bit of feedback. My email address is if that's the easiest way to communicate or post a comment for all to see. Thank you. Happy Monday.


  1. A step by step video show how to make something like the dog bed would be nice. It would be good to break it down into very short small steps that could be done in about 10 - 15 min. by the viewer each day as we follow along with you over a week or fortnight.

  2. Thank you so much for this nice idea. I'll come up a good step by step project and we can all do it together. I also have to figure out the video portion. This gives me a great goal. Thanks again.

  3. Shari - I love your blog! I would love a step by step guide to sewing. I have some fabric that would make an excellent bed for my Charlie. Of course, it won't compare to the personalized blanket you made for him!


  4. Thank you Debby! So far, two votes for a dog bed. Keep visiting. What kind of dog is Charlie?

  5. Charlie is my you remember you made a quilt for me and a blanket for him just after I adopted him?

  6. OK Shari, you asked the here goes! I always tell you how much I enjoy your blog, but I have never taken the time to figger (our family word for figure) out how to sign up to follow, etc. I DID IT (typed with a smile) tonight!

    LOVE your blog! It brings happiness to my day!

    Instructions on "how to" sign up would be lovely. Also, I am that person that hesitates to "sign up" for stuff b/c I like to keep info private. Turns out it didn't ask for much! Who knew??

    I also love when you include interesting, creative, wonderful people on your blog. It keeps me inspired. Please keep that up!

    Is there a way to "share" recipes? I would love to share some of mine. I especially love the pics of your creations! I take pics of food now! (Some think I am a bit zany because of it, but I just smile and do it anyway!)

    I am now wondering how much this will let me type before it says, "too many words sistaa!!"

    And last but not least, I learned of an outdated symbol recently. It is a combo question mark & exclamation point~I will have to draw it for you. Author Kenneth Davis, "Don't know much about......" Just look him up~he has many fun books!

    PS~is there spell check on blogs?? haha
    Night night my friend. I hope to see you at TCS tomorrow. amy :)

  7. OK Shari, I just had to post as anonymous cause don't know what else to do.....HELP please!
    a2 :) (anonymous amy)

  8. Shari,

    I think Rotten Bananas is great! Interesting, sweet and short. Inspiring, never preachy! Most of the posts are like a breath of fresh air - but you just breath that in without interacting. If you'd like more comments, you may need to leave us a little LESS satisfied! Ask questions or challenge us to find a rotten banana in our lives that needs to be whipped into something yummy!

    In "how to build a blog" articles that I read, they say it's important to find other blogs and make thoughtful comments so that the people from those blogs will check you out based on your comments.

    Above all, keep up the good work. I love your blog, your subjects and the tone!

  9. I just went on your website and the work displayed in the photo gallery is great. Never thought quilt could be so modern! i love it!

  10. Thanks one and all who made a comment! I really loved hearing from you. Let me answer individually.

    Debby - Of course I remember you! So happy that you and Charlie are doing well. You're still running, aren't you? Keep visiting Debby and we'll make something together.

    Anonymous/AKA Amy - I love and appreciate your persistence Amy! You'll definitely enjoy some of the field trips I'm planning. Trying to get outside the confines of my own four walls.
    I would welcome your recipes and attached photos. You're such fun to work with Amy. Thanks for being a Rotten Banana!

    Leslie - Thanks for the insightful comments. I'll come up with some reader challenges. We all have the ability to whip up some yummy in whatever form. I have identified few bloggers that I reach out to with frequency. Perhaps they'll be curious enough one day soon to pay me a visit.

    DesBioux - Texas says hello to London. Thank you very much for stopping by. I'm happy you enjoy my quilt designs. I'm working on some fun projects right now. You'll have to come back and take a look.

  11. Here I am finally putting in my .02. I always look forward to the E-mail I receive about a new post. Your blog is a fun way to begin the day. I've loved all of your posts and know that you will continue growing and expanding this form of connecting. You're terrific! Keep up the colorful work, but not on your own hair!

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