Tuesday, October 13, 2009

legendary encounter

I went for a run yesterday while the girls were with Kelly, our beloved math tutor. In a neighborhood far from my own, I sized up the options. Path A would lead me to sketchy territory in a hurry, while path B offered a radical change of scenery with views of estates and perfect lawns, fountains and swans and bronze sculptures of children chasing butterflies with nets. B it is. Plodding along, slack jawed at the sights, I spied Dallas Cowboy legend Roger Staubach wheeling out his garbage bin. First of all, don't you just love him for wheeling his own garbage? And he recycles! I smiled and kept going, but quickly turned around to say hello. This friendly gene often induces eye rolling from my kids. Just as I imagined, he was friendly and polite, even to a sweaty babbling stranger. Dad, how cool is that!?!
As a kid, I loved watching football. In hindsight, maybe I loved spending Sunday afternoons with the McCormick sisters, eating queso and taco salad drenched in catalina, light on the greens and heavy on the fritos.
Smiling, I made my way back to reality.

Note to Mike W. - Don't take me off your list!


  1. What a great star siting! Fun. Who wouldn't want to talk to Shari?


  2. I'll give you this one, but if I ever catch you talking to Michael Irvin or Deion Sanders
    we're through.

  3. reminds me of when we were in Los Angeles and you spotted stars everywhere and I was always a step behind asking who, who, who is that?

  4. oh mike....thanks for the second chance. warning, noted. s

  5. Shari,
    Those were the days, weren't they!
    Monti (McCormick) Parchman

  6. I wasn't really being anonymous!

  7. Nique McCormick JohnstonOctober 18, 2009 at 7:19 AM

    Those were the days! The McCormick three and the Ross three, we had alot of good times.

  8. Oh girls....I'm so happy you paid a visit to my blog. We did have such fun. And of course, your mom was the vibrant center of it all. I hope you'll visit often. Such happy memories. Did my mom tell you about this post?

  9. Your Mom told our Mom and so on and so on! Love your blog.



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