Wednesday, July 15, 2009

all nighter with harry

Put on another pot of joe. My lids are heavy this morning as we pulled an all nighter with Harry Potter. Sensible? No. But this is what we do. Premiere night. With our always & forever HP companions, Kalynn and Tully.
The build up has been intense. Sadie has been holed up in her room the past few days, barely surfacing for meals, rereading the series and fine tuning her command of the details. I arrived home from work yesterday to find Sadie and her pal Gillian mixing "potions" from out of date spices, old tea bags, snips of doll hair and yogurt. Each potion with a clever name and use.

We always start the evening with waffles. $24 fed all six of us!

Tully wore Harry Potter glasses WAY before Harry Potter wore them.

The long wait over. Another fine memory.

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