Monday, July 20, 2009

the 98 degree airstream

Dad's big hand makes a fine funnel for pouring peanuts into Coke.
Cousin fun. Aren't kids the best? They don't flinch at the idea of swimsuit Twister. Only kids and maybe college students on spring break would do that. Dragonflies & river rats. Vintage linens make the perfect table. New do's and gambling loot. Gut laughing. Sleeping under the stars with a bold raccoon. Outdoor shower overlooking the Colorado River. Homemade strawberry ice cream. Waving pendants. A mild 98 degrees.

Come back tomorrow for airstream weekend - take two. Food, cocktails, nightlife and more.


  1. We love the post! What great pictures. E-mail me the lot of them. We had a great time and hope you will come back in the fall.
    Dori, Lillian and Georgia

  2. we also had a fantastic time with our great family! can't wait to do it again. hope you dallas girls enjoyed it just as much as we did. see you next weekend. micki


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