Monday, July 6, 2009

camp people

Some kids like camp. Some kids don't. It's love or misery. No in between. I went to sleep away camp just one time. It was a church camp 20 miles down the road. I managed to cry my way through inner tubing, arts and crafts, the mess hall and kumbayah. I hated being away from home. I loved my safe, tiny world and all the people in it. I missed my comic books, my bicycle, my friend Penny, but mostly my family. In hind sight, I wish I could've enjoyed myself. I couldn't get my head right. My girls had a 50/50 shot at loving camp. As it turns out, they are happy homebodies, just like me.
Click here for a wonderful episode of This American Life called Notes on Camp. It originally aired in 1998.

This is Sophie's blog. I don't let her post during the school week, so summer gives her a chance to have fun with it. Ditto with Sadie. See below.

Happy camping!

Top and bottom illustrations by Sadie

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