Tuesday, July 7, 2009

everything is a quilt

I see quilts. All around me. Sadie's lego tower, postage stamps, eye shadow palettes, flags, the wall of brightly colored hangers at work, Sophie's array of nail polish, book spines and brick patterns. They all inspire. Some by color, others by shape, proportion and typography.
One of the girls ordered this drink in a coffee shop a few weeks back. I think the can is just beautiful. The colors are so happy and and the drink is delightful and fizzy. I've cut out a baby quilt inspired by it. I'll post a photo when it's finished! Now, if I could just bring myself to recycle the can...


  1. wow glad I'm not the only one. :) I don't feel as crazy. lol. Thanks for stopping by and linking -Allison

  2. Thanks so much Allison. I'm such a pack rat. I'll stop back by your blog for a comment. Looking forward to visiting you often. srl


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