Thursday, July 30, 2009

a heat stroke of genius

I was stumped.  A bit numb after too many hours at work, smiling at the cash register. Depleted. What to write about?  Then, as if on cue, Dori called with a perfect Rotten Bananas story.  
It seems that Renee Studebaker, an Austin based gardening columnist, is a glass half full kind of girl.  Instead of bemoaning the daily 100+ degree barrage, she is embracing it.  Renee is sun drying her homegrown tomatoes on a cloth covered baking sheet wedged between the dashboard and the windshield of her truck.  Genius!  

Read her complete story right here along with some nice recipes.  I think you'll enjoy it.  

She also plants plenty of extras for the squirrels.  This little guy was out of chevre so he decided to go green.  
Consider me unstumped.  Thanks Dori.  

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