Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Who says baby quilts have to be colorful and whimsical?
Most certainly not me.
Although I do love color and wholeheartedly embrace whimsy, I love making crisp white baby quilts.

Meet Peyton. Her mommy works in advertising and Target is her big client. Everyday at work Peyton's mommy is inundated with color.
Loud, vibrant, saturated color.
At home, she wants a rest from the color. This is the family living room and that tiny baby in the gorgeous white bowl is Peyton.

For Peyton's quilt, I used eyelet remnants from shirt designer Craig Taylor for a touch of girly, japanese double gauze, flax colored linen, pin wale corduroy, seersucker from Mood and straight up utility cotton for beautiful texture and variety. Every fabric was soft, and most importantly, washable!

Her name is hand embroidered tone on tone. It's subtle, (can you even see it?) but it's there.

I love that Peyton's mommy isn't afraid to throw it on the floor and get it dirty. It's loved.
Maybe it will be the quilt Peyton remembers when she grows up. That would make me very happy.

Neutral baby quilt = Bullseye.

P.S. I sent Peyton this fluffy white llama (photo at top) along with her quilt. Red Llama? White Llama? It's all good.


  1. such a fantastic quilt!. i love white because you really appreciate the quilting. cute baby!

  2. looks so pretty, and yes! i bet she loves the break from ALL that color she gets during the day at her job!

  3. thanks girls....it was one of my favorites. i love seeing it in the home and in use. that's a rare treat for me.

  4. Beautiful work, Shari!

  5. thank you anonymous! please identify yourself so i can thank you properly!!

  6. very impressive. Quilt making is a lost art. Your work is beautiful. I wish I had one.

  7. Shari - The quilt is beautiful. I have always wanted to have a room in white but 2 dogs 3 kids and the knack for spillage keeps that at a dream. I LOVE this quilt because it is the details that make is so special. And that baby is adorable! Great post!


  8. So pretty, Shari... I love how your quilts can blend in with any room in the house. Also love the stripes!

  9. This is fantastic. Amazing job, amazing blog! Thank you so much for sharing!



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