Wednesday, May 26, 2010

old guys are cool

I've had these gents in my inspiration folder for awhile now. I love old guys. When I heard 60's t.v. personality Art Linkletter died today at 97, I thought about these guys again. They are still making cool stuff in their 90's. Irving Harper, above, designed some of the most recognizable housewares of the 50's and 60's. Today, at 93, he makes intricate paper sculptures. Read about his genius right here.

This is Vollis Simpson, a retired farm equipment repairman. Vollis uses scrap metal and junk yard parts to create enormous metal sculptures he calls Whirligigs. A mere 91, he lives and works in Lucama, North Carolina. Read more about Vollis here.

Don't his Whirligigs look oddly perfect in this holiday window for Bergdorf Goodman?

And if you aren't familiar with Mr. Linkletter, take a look at this clip back when television shows were sweet. I vaguely recall...

photos from NY Times, Design Sponge and American Visionary Art Museum


  1. awesome post thanks

  2. Thanks Shari. Great Laughs! Thanks for bringing back some great memories!


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