Monday, May 3, 2010

won't you smile for the camera?

Sophie turned 15 last week.
I should tell you that Sophie has been a top notch daughter from day one.

The only thing we love more than birthdays around here, is the party that comes with it! Here are a few scenes from Sophie's party last weekend.

Sadie and I did all the cooking. We made lasagna, not only because Sophie loves it, but because it feeds a crowd and we could make it in advance. Sadie enjoyed noodle duty.

Next came the cake. Chocolate with cream cheese frosting. I like to add just a dash of heavy whipping cream to the frosting. It gives it a nice sheen and fluffy consistency. Maybe this is common knowledge?!? Here's the recipe.

Because Sophie loves photography (click on this link to see her super blog) and this crowd loves to strike a pose, I borrowed this beautiful backdrop from a photographer friend of mine, Jim Olvera. Here's a link to his site. We set it up in the backyard. Thanks Alan for cleaning the yard spic and span.

I think they had fun. Pictures don't lie, right?

There was an article in yesterdays New York Times about kids being unable to communicate face to face because they rely solely on texting and Facebook to talk with friends. These girls did not get the memo. They talked and talked some more until 4 am, as only girls can do.

And finally,
Dear Mr. Jamie Oliver, Forgive me!


  1. Shari,
    Looks like a big success and how lucky to be Sophie and Sadie.
    Really like Sophie's Blog and the frame-by-frame photos of the composition of an outfit!

  2. What fun Shari!!!! Can I be your daughter too? Sophie is such a wonderful talented girl. Happy Birthday to her!!!
    love - ann


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