Wednesday, May 12, 2010

sooner or later...they break everything

I laughed to the point of tears
this morning. All thanks to Shit My Kids Ruined, a hilarious site where people send in photos of the destruction wrought by their offspring. We're well beyond this stage (unless you count that fingernail polish remover eating off the surface of the table top incident?! well, maybe we're not past this stage)..
...maybe that's why it's so stinkin' funny.

I actually had my eye poked by both daughters. Once with a paintbrush and once a fingernail. The pain brought me to my knees. But the patch is so becoming.

The old pepper in the fish tank trick. Good one.
So many great ideas. Tough to pick my favorite.

Today's fun via Alan and Eric Lidji


  1. Shari-
    Another place for funny stuff like this is

  2. they are so funny. never heard of the site before and hope i'm not on it ;)!

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