Thursday, May 6, 2010

friday night lights

Ready?!? Okay!!!
Tomorrow night my very favorite show, Friday Night Lights,
returns to NBC.
It has everything and nothing to do with football.
The reviews are stellar going into season 4.
I love this show so much because it reminds me of growing up. We lived in a small Texas town a lot like the one on the show. My dad was the football coach there. When we were tiny, Dad would take us kids to the locker room and toss us in a big shower with multiple heads. Presto! Five kids bathed and ready for bed and a brief break for Mom. Here I am with Dad around 1980 when both of us had darker hair. Long retired from the game, he is still greeted warmly about town as "Coach."
Set your Tivos. You'll be a fan.
Here's the finale from last season to get you caught up.


  1. Shari - That pic is AWESOME!!!!! I love it. You and your cute bangs, Those socks, those long long legs girl. And your Dad. He looks so great. I may have to watch the show now but you have made my day with that photo!

    thanks - ann

  2. Those knee socks, sweater and turtleneck must have been mighty hot during September's Indian Summer evenings in Hico! Did your high school have a six-man team?

  3. thanks ann. i really like this picture with my dad. very happy times. i still think of my dad exactly this way and this age.....he's always youthful to me.

  4. please remind me who you are mom3215....i do recall waiting anxiously for the weather to feel cool enough to wear our "dress" uniforms. you know around here that's often around november when the season is almost over! we were a 2A school and didn't play 6 man, although nearby iredell did. the 6 man tourney is now held every year in hico. it's a totally different game.


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