Tuesday, March 9, 2010

golden evening

Last Saturday night, I threw together a little dinner party celebrating the visit and birthday of
Deb, my long distance friend and collaborator in quilting.
Although we've worked together for a few years, we had never met. We had a blast!
Now, what to make.
Since the pants were still borderline snug from Tex Mex the previous evening, I decided to go a little lighter. This is my version of a hearty salad from a favorite local restaurant.
Click here for my pal Ann's version of the same salad on amy and ann.

my grocery list:
variety of tomatoes
(cherry, grape, heirloom, whatever you have access to!)
golden or red beets
red potatoes or fingerlings
haricot verts
goat cheese
chicken breasts
crusty bread
italian sodas for the kids

Pinch the stem ends off the haricot verts and cook until crisp tender in boiling, salted water.
Be careful not to overcook.

Trim ends from your beets, peel, dice and toss in a little olive oil and salt.
Put in 375 degree oven and roast until tender. Confession: A ridiculous hot dog and beet diet
in college almost ruined beets for me. Wisely, I gave them another chance. Do any of
you remember that one??

The color is just incredible!

In a separate pan, I roasted the potatoes with olive oil, salt and
rosemary in a 375 degree oven until tender.

I broiled the herb marinated chicken breasts.
I tossed the romaine in a basic vinaigrette, typically 3 parts oil to 1 part
vinegar/acid plus herbs and seasonings to your liking.
Taste it and decide what to add. I put minced fresh
garlic in there too.
Everyone started with a dressed salad base and then we passed around
the toppings so you could pick and choose what you liked.
It's a great meal that's nice for a group.

And what's a birthday without cake?! Kalynn picked up these
beauties from Whole Foods. They do a very nice job with desserts!

Great food, wine, dessert and company......a perfect evening.
Happy birthday Deb! So nice to meet you.


  1. looks like the most wonderful party and so do you!

  2. Beautiful Shari. You make the best salads. I am so glad you had a wonderful evening!

    cheers. ann

  3. thanks girls. it was a fun night indeed!

  4. hi shari! after spring break lets meet again for a cup of jo.
    amy :)

  5. Yum! Looks like a wonderful dinner!

  6. I LOVE golden beets! It looks like you served an amazing dinner!


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