Thursday, March 25, 2010

i ♥ paper + thread

Sewing on paper is loads of fun. You never get the same look twice.
You don't even need to own a sewing machine.
All you need is needle and thread.
Besides, handmade is special. It makes people happy.
This little birthday book started with a beautiful piece
of handmade paper from PaperSource.
If you don't have a Paper Source in your city,
they have an extensive online store.
$4.95 will get you a gorgeous sheet
of paper to work with.

I hand stitched with embroidery floss around the circles.
Use the design on the paper as your guide, or simply stitch
freehand. No right and wrong here. It's about the
personal touch.
I bound the booklet by machine and added a festive
tassel/bookmark of yarns and ric rac. I played with
a variety of stitches for the binding.

I took a portrait of the birthday girl, drawn by her son, and reduced
it to fit inside one of the circles on the backside of the booklet.

My pal Stephanie and I vowed on January 1 to see one another the first day of each month.
A walk, a cup of coffee, a quick bite....whatever works. So far, so good.
I made her this simple card from our new year fortune cookie.

I sent this furry notecard to a crafty shop owner that I admire.

It's really not too early to start collecting bits and pieces to make your Mother's Day card!
Look at this post for ideas. Send me photos if you make something. Have fun
with it. No need to make it hard.

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