Wednesday, March 31, 2010

saki to me!

Sakitini Saturday was magic.
Our goals were simple:
great food and drinks
affordable ingredients
easy clean up
nature/eco friendly as possible

It was a beautiful evening where cactus pads became salad plates,
banana leaves were unfurled into table runners and
dinner plates and lettuce cups were handy entree vessels.
Hollowed out oranges and romas were fragrant and
effective bowls for easy to pour sauces.

Washing plates.

The vivid green looked really fresh against the surface of
white banner paper.

See that rectangle above the salad? That's japanese vermicelli that
I cooked and then placed in loaf pans. I covered the loaf
pans with wax paper and weighted the tops with cans.
Once chilled, I was able to cut them into rectangles
and dust the tops in peanuts.

Daffodils were on sale $1.50 a bunch! They
fit the criteria of our evening perfectly.
Everyone had their own sides of peanut and lettuce wrap sauce.
Nice work Kalynn!
Roll it up.
Presto! Clean up done
and we're out the door.
Like I said, magic.


  1. stunning, absolutely gorgeous! you are an inspiration sweet Shari!

    hugs, a2

  2. Thanks Amy! By the way, I loved your "guess what this is" photo game on facebook. I hope you do it again. xo

  3. I want to be like you when I grow up! That was pure genious....and looked VERY tasty. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  4. Everything looks so beautiful. I know you had a wonderful night. Lovely work!

  5. thanks for the flurry of commenting activity! glad you enjoyed the post!


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