Thursday, March 11, 2010

this land is my land

I think it's really cool when people name
and identify their places with signage.
Here are just a few signs that Mom and
I found in and around Hico.

Sign from above:
Sinterra? Santerra? Senterra?
Sunterra? I think it's Sonterra!
What sounds right to you?

Don't you like the off center placement of the letters?!
Very hip.

I'd like to see the house this road leads to....

Choice font. Love it!

Say hello to Bonnie, aka Bon Bon. She sure did enjoy the ride.
She enjoys anywhere my Mom is.

I think Keno enjoyed it too. Unfortunately, he was banished
to the back seat. He has boundary issues.

One of the many, many, many kitties we fed on mom's"rounds".
She's a one woman humane society. But I won't go on and on
about her devotion to animals or how awesome she is.
She doesn't like that sort of thing.

My Uncle Robert's handiwork. He went for a more primitive look.

R.I.P. Pearl and Louise. Salt of the earth.

What would you name your spread?


  1. Shari,
    This is one of the most awe-inspiring posts of yours for me! I may run out of reply room:

    I believe it is: sUnterra (LOVE the sun!)

    Off center is sooooo cool! We have that in common, as you know! (btw..U are so hip!)

    Chalk Mountain...I want to know about that adventure!

    PRECIOUS pics of your Mum's dogs! Made me think of food and games! (Bon-Bon & Keno)

    The kitty kats have a place in my heart! purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    Love, love, love, Uncle Robert's autograph!!!

    Pearl & Louise...salt of the earth. Nothing more important, is there? Thanks for sharing.

    My spread would be named, "Our English Garden." I have an original sign painted by my Engish father in law to "prove" it. (Let this gal know how to post a pic of it and I will!)

    YOU make me think, smile, cry. I heart you for all of those things. Thank you sweet Shari. A2

  2. Very Very cute.. I love this... It's really very beautiful..

  3. Thanks for the great comments everyone. kjilly, i love the name of your spread. suits you to a "T". Also, hello there amish furniture. so nice to hear from you!


  4. dear A2! i love the very cool solution to your anonymous dilemma....because i can assure are so present in my life! thank you for your sweet comment. i'm really happy the post struck an inspired chord in you! xoxo,s

  5. I love all the photos on this post, they are so beautiful, I wish I could see these places in person.... I also love off center placement of the letters. Is it because it's hip? not sure, but just like it that way....

  6. Hi Erika! Consider me your personal tour guide should you ever come to Texas. Hip might be the wrong word.....maybe unexpected is better....whatever the case, i really responded to that one. hope you've been having a great weekend. i'm making plans to use your tape in some way for my daughter's bat mitzvah.....still thinking on it.

  7. Hi Pete, I love that one too! By the way, I finally got to see Josh and Peg's new space. It's INCREDIBLE!! Really wonderful....and comfortable and smart. So nice to see your work.

  8. Superb, just love the kitty portion :)

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