Sunday, March 7, 2010

star gazing

I love movies. I love sitting in a dark theatre with Twizzlers and popcorn watching endless trailers. I'm just wild about the whole experience. I enjoy going with others or by myself. I'm game for most any genre except horror. I'm a scaredy cat from way back. I also love celebrity trivia. My head is filled to the brim with useless facts. My mom, siblings and pal Sue are the same way. Warning: Do not engage in celebrity trivia with my family unless you're bringing your "a"-game. You will be trounced. It's not pretty. Mommy Elta, my grandmother, always had celebrity mags around her home. Long before the Star, Enquirer or People, she was reading Screen Play and Modern Screen. I'll credit her (blame her?!?) for these mad trivia/trivial skills.
That said, I'm super excited about watching the Oscars tonight and the red carpet chatter that precedes it. I've seen only half of the nominated films this year. Enough to be somewhat in the know.
I've actually had some memorable brushes with celebrities. In the 90's I worked part time in Los Angeles. It was paradise. The work was fun and the nightlife was a blast. I had many fun celebrity sightings. Absolute most thrilling??
Robert Redford, hands down. I ran straight to the pay phone to call Mom. He was magnificent. I even shared a moment in Spago with Veronica Hamel a fine actress from Hill Street Blues fame. She spoke to me like I was a trained therapist. She spoke of aging in Hollywood and what a curse it was. Shortly after her confessional, Wolfgang Puck sat down at the bar with us. My moment with Veronica over, Wolfgang signed a cookbook for me and bought a round for the bar.

Another restaurant, another night, all the patrons were being rushed through dinner. The place had to be cleared for a private party. My big ears heard something about Sylvester Stallone and a premiere party. That sounded like fun. My friend Colleen and I ducked into the bathroom and pulled a stunt from the Lucy and Ethel playbook. We stood on top of the toilets and waited quietly for the place to clear out. When the crowds arrived, we left our porcelain perch and went out to mingle. Although Sylvester never showed, we did chit chat with an actor who had an unusual name. Keanu.
Any fun stories from you? Do tell. In the meantime, be glamourous dear readers and enjoy the Oscars!


    Believe me Shari is not bluffing about celebrity trivia. One time we were walking around in Los Angeles and at every block she would spot a new "star", most of whom I had never even heard their names or even their movies or tv shows. At first I thought she was just making it all up but she is for real.

  2. oh fay, if i could only market this special skill...perhaps a game show?!


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