Thursday, March 4, 2010

give me liberty

Did you hear that Liberty of London is releasing an
extensive line of products for Target?
Clothing and housewares so lovely you'll want
something from every department!
The patterns are happy, cheery and whimsical. Perfect for spring.
If you just can't decide which pattern suits you best,
take their patternality quiz by clicking here.
As for me? They called me arty and delightful.
Why thank you very much.
MARK is my patternality match, but I really love them all.
What's your patternality? Available March 14.


  1. Thanks for the tip.... can't wait!


  2. i'm very excited about it and wonder what the fabrics will be like. thanks for the quiz - i'm maddsie green (subdued exuberance). love the name. enjoy your weekend!

  3. I'm maddsie green with Cindy. The other part of the description is a little innocent, but very, very real. Hummmm. . .

  4. O.M.G. Liberty was one of my FAVORITE stores when I was living in London. I used to go and just walk around in awe for hours and then go treat myself to some scones in their tea room. This has made my day!!!

  5. Hey Cindy and Kjilly, I'm Maddsie Green too. Love subdued exuberance!

  6. I'm theberton- smart, cultured and well-rounded- who knew?

  7. look at all my smart, exuberant and cultured readers!!! can't say i'm a bit surprised! thanks for taking the quiz and letting me know a bit more about YOU. xo

  8. must be unique and fresh in style, this is great .. Liberty Roxx (Y)


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