Thursday, June 25, 2009

could you do this?

I was fascinated by a recent post on the blog A Cup of Jo about a Brooklyn based artist who has committed to wear the same dress for an entire year. She can accessorize all she wants. I love her look. I would definitely need more than tennis shoes and flip flops to pull this off with style. Read her story right here.
In May of 2008, I made what I thought was a bold decision regarding clothes. After reading this, it pales in comparison. I decided to purchase no new clothes until 2010. I can, however, sew something for myself with existing fabric. A year+ in, I've been unwavering with the exception of appropriate jeans and tennis shoes for my job and an 80's sun dress from a vintage shop that I chopped up and made my own. In my case, a want vs. need experiment. In hers, a fundraiser.

Here is my $18 dress. I love the details.


  1. My goodness! I don't think I'm good enough at accessorizing to pull off something like that. :) I'm proud of you for sticking to your spending promise. I know it's tough though. After taking a job where I make much less money, I've been trying to spend much less on clothing- only when I need something new basically, and it is hard. Especially when you have something impromptu and realize you don't have anything appropriate that still looks passable. How often does she wash that dress though...that's what i want to know...and how will it look after a year and hundreds of washes...

  2. I wondered if she had duplicates of the same dress. I'm not so sure how it would hold up. It looks like she has tons of cute shoes, cardigans, etc...

  3. I have been thinking of this idea, of not buying any clothes,or wearing the same outfit for a year. Inspiring as well as wacky! I love your site and want to be just like you when I grow up.
    Have you ever thought about throwing acylic into a big dupster to make a big clear pile? or maybe a video on how to be the perfect employee? You are inspiring and loads of fun! thank you Rotten Banana


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