Wednesday, June 16, 2010

craft nerds

I recently spent a very pleasant afternoon crafting with Sophie, Sadie and Fay, my super fun sister in law. We signed up for the paper chandelier class taught by the cool girls over at Paper Nerds.

I made these "spacers" by winding colorful strips from magazines around a chopstick. I sealed the edge with hot glue and cut them into different lengths.

Mine isn't so much a chandelier as it is a mobile. Either way, I love it!

We started with a ring made from bendy branches. I wrapped mine in lilac bias tape from my Aunt Nadine's sewing box. She would've loved knowing a whole room of crafty girls enjoyed her rick rack and other goodies.

This is Sadie's dream catcher/chandelier combo. More is always more with Sadie. Love it!

Here is Sophie's creation. I love her double levels and great variety of trims. Beauteous!

Fay's is nice and colorful. Very ambitious design! She even took supplies home with her. Fay wasn't ready for the fun to end. Thanks to Shannon and Tish, THE Paper Nerds. This weekend they're teaching paper marbling. Check out some of their classes here. Or let your kids make one at home. Minimal supplies, big payoff! Happy Crafting!


  1. I like these, they are pretty and unique!

  2. I love all of your creations! Frances would love one of those hanging over her bed!

  3. what a fun thing to do on a hot summer day!!

  4. the chandeliers look so fun and whimsical. such a great day for all of you!

  5. thanks for joining us!!!
    we enjoyed spending the afternoon with your sweet and talented family...

  6. I am such a craft nerd - the funnest afternoon ever! thank you, thank you.


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