Sunday, June 20, 2010

my dad

My Dad

I adore my Dad.
He's present and always ready for what's next.
He enjoys his family of 5 kids and 11 grandkids and we enjoy him. Dad is a patient man. He'd have to be with this crew! Chaos? horseplay? constant chatter? endless questions? spilled milk? Bring it on. He loves to be in the mix. As Dad always says, it's not a party until somebody spills a drink!
My Dad is proud of his family and tells us so. He's encouraging, supportive and affectionate. His good, tight hugs are the best!
He was kind and devoted to his aging siblings. They babied him as a baby and he retuned the favor in spades. He gave them the gift of his time and said goodbye to each one. He's a good man.
Dad loves our annual camping trip, playing cards, working with his hands, his cats, a nice round of golf, a good firm handshake, clearing brush and making pies. He even makes his own crust! My dad can do anything.
I love you Dad. I always have.
Happy Father's Day!

P.S. Dad, thanks for getting me out of that jam with Columbia House record club when I was 10. Those 8 tracks were supposed to be free! xoxo


  1. What a lovely post Shari - your dad is the BEST! I always love hearing stories about him. Your card was darling and so fun. Hope you had a great weekend with your crew!


  2. hey cute blondie!

    your dad sounds great, and he is oh-so- handsome.

    i bet many of us got into a pickle with columbia house back in the day-- i know i did!

    coffee soon i hope--- anytime. let's go to starbucks!!!

  3. a little late i am...but you sweet shari will understand, i just know it.

    as usual, you have touched my heart. <3 (it works on fb as a real heart!)

    thank YOU for your inspiration. how DO you do it? just do. (i think i said "do-do!" giggle) with admiration, amy :) aka:anonymous amy ~ you know who! :)


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