Sunday, June 13, 2010

and four became five

This is my brand new niece Frances. Isn't she beautiful?!?

In March, my sister Dori, her husband Jim and twin daughters Georgia and Lillian traveled to Ethiopia to pick her up. They had only seen Frances in a photo and were most anxious to hug and kiss her and bring her home to Texas. And one week later, their family of four became five.

They will never, ever forget the week they spent in Ethiopia. And they will never forget the warm and caring people they met along the way.

Frances adjusted to her new life quickly. She likes a nice bath tubby.

And she loves her big guy Bert. When you join this family, you have to love dogs! It's mandatory. I think Frances got the memo.

First trip to the Airstream? A+++ of course!

And boy, does Frances LOVE her big sisters! And they love HER! These three sisters even share the exact same birthday, just 9 years apart. Isn't that amazing?!? Triple the birthday fun!

Sweet children everywhere. So much need.

Lillian and Georgia have designed a set of notecards they are selling to benefit a group of children they met during their stay. They have already raised $450! I'm so proud of them. They have big hearts.

A set of 4 notecards sells for $5 and will help an Ethiopian child attend school. If you'd like a set of note cards please contact me and I can fix you up!


  1. how wonderful for everyone, she is gorgeous. welcome to the usa frances!

  2. Frances is beautiful! Her big sisters are daring too and so much fun! I am so happy for Dori and Jim. Thanks for the wonderful post Shari.


  3. Frances is a perfect addition to our family- thanks for sharing her with everyone.

    p.s. she has 2 bottom teeth now and is on the verge of crawling!

  4. That is an amazing story! I am ever so amazed at Dori and her family's adventure and kind hearts. Frances is beautiful! Awesome!
    Laura Barrientos

  5. shari what a beautiful and colorful post. frances is perfect for her family and i think she is so cute,too. ilove how you put the colorful yarns over the maps to unite the 2 places. wonderful post!!!

  6. Ah...everybody wins! So precious.


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