Tuesday, June 1, 2010

roid rage 2005

Polaroid rage, that is.
In the summer of 2005 our family took a Polaroid every single day.
The girls or I would tape it in the notebook and write a brief journal entry of the days events. It's fun to try and decode the invented spelling of the day.
It's sweet little time capsule. Here are a few pages from our book.

Translation: Today Sadie thought she was in a tornado in her box/house.....
Everyone thought it was so funny that Alan chose a Dyson vacuum cleaner as his birthday gift. He really did! As a matter of fact, he's vacuuming right now as I write this post. The man loves a clean floor.
Lots of people have blogs and sites devoted to Polaroid love. This one is plain creative fun. Here's a site dedicated to the new generation of Polaroid film. Have a great day and feel free to share your Polaroids with me!

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  1. i love your polaroids and now you have such great memories through your pages.


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