Monday, November 30, 2009

hope it was swell

We sure did enjoy our holiday weekend! Great food and lots of laughs topped off with a little karaoke. I hope you had fun too. Here's a shot of my cranberry ginger chutney. If you do another traditional meal for Christmas, maybe you'll consider making some. I'm trying to settle back into healthy eating and exercise routines before the holiday hoopla begins. Do you have any good tips for keeping yourself in check?


  1. Your chutney looks great! I made a cranberry orange relish that was yummy too. Even though some people in the family like the kind with the lines of the can on it! :) As for staying fit through the holidays, I think weighing every morning is a good way to stay on track. That way you know if you should eat a little lighter one day or if you've made progress. I, however, have been afraid to weigh myself for the last week, so I should practice what I preach! Happy holidays, Shari! Miss you!

  2. hi cortney, it's great to hear from you! i miss you too. GWW not the same without you. i rarely weigh.....maybe i need to hop on more often. if i come up with some successful strategies, i'll be sure to pass it along.


  3. Beautiful jars, and I bet very tasty!


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