Thursday, November 12, 2009

make a pouf skirt at home

This is intended as a rough guide to making this skirt. Please email me if you have questions about the instructions that I haven't made clear.

1. Take a piece of fabric of any length, the longer the fabric, the poufier the skirt. My fabric was 42" wide. I cut 2 pieces @ 20" x 42" because Sadie wanted a supremely poufy skirt.

2. Pin together and sew a single seam, 1/4" to 1/2".

3. My seam was about 1/2" so I could avoid the selvage.

4. Then sew the other open ends together. You will end up with a big circular piece.

5. Press your seams open.

6. Take some elastic and cut it to fit your natural waist plus a little extra to allow for seaming the elastic together. The thicker the elastic, the more shape your skirt will have.

7. Now, turn over the top edge of the skirt to create the waistband. Be sure to allow plenty of space for your elastic.

8. Hem this unfinished upper edge leaving a small opening for the elastic to slide through.

9. Attach a safety pin to the edge of the elastic and slide it into the open space and run it around the waistband of the skirt.

10. Sew the two ends of the elastic together and sew the opening in the waistband closed.

11. Next, pin the bottom edge to the length of your choice and hem.

12. Press the skirt.
13. Prepare for adoration.

Original pattern by Camille at Childhood Flames


  1. I'll I can say is your good!


  2. gosh~you really made that look easy! wow. i am very impressed. Too cute!! I love it. amy

  3. I loved the end product although I 'll never know how you get there !
    This is the cutest outfit! , Nini

  4. Adorable. I must send my sister the link, maybe she'll make me one. :) Love the fabric, btw.

  5. Wow! Come to my house and teach me? OH, and buy me a sewing machine?

    Just sayin'

  6. Thanks everyone! Maybe there's a place for an all elastic/velcro/snap line of clothing after all.....Wish we could all sew together. enjoy your weekend everyone.. Amy, you would have fun with a sewing machine. be fearless and buy a used one. i think you'd love sewing on paper.

  7. your tutorial is great! i've only made one skirt and used a combination of elastic and fabric on the ends to tie it. i'm afraid of zippers, but 'they' say they're not hard ;).

  8. Nini, you made a comment! BRAVO! xo,s

  9. Hi Cindy, so happy you liked the tutorial. Elastic and fabric kind of girl! I have a pattern sitting here that I'm going to try very soon. By the way, who are "they" and have they seen my handiwork?



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