Thursday, November 12, 2009

poufy towers

Free dress day is cause for great excitement in our home. Plaid skirts and Bert shoes can get a little dull. I told Sadie to pick out a fabric from my stash and I would make her a pouf skirt. It's French week at school, so she naturally selected the darling Michael Miller fabric covered in Eiffel Towers. Although I sew a lot, I don't sew a lot of clothing. Clothing and quilts are very different. Don't ask me to set a zipper or to make a proper buttonhole. Meet my old pals velcro, hook and eye, snap and elastic. This particular skirt calls for elastic.

Sadie put her spin on it.

She loves it! Check my next post for step by step instructions.


  1. darling skirts and how nice of you to make one for free dress... but I get it. It is such a special day. It is darling!


  2. ooo-la-la. c'est adorable pour ma petite, sadie.

  3. the skirt is wonderful and thank you so much for your lovely email. i'm off to explore your blog, now. enjoy your weekend!


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