Monday, November 2, 2009

a postal post

A few days ago I got a nice long handwritten letter in the mail. It was from my brother Tim, a genuinely funny guy with a knack for delivering perfect one liners. This letter was newsy and light and filled with stories of the kids and high school football, his favorite beer and cheeseburgers, nephews tumbling from top bunks, too much fun and too little sleep on a recent visit home. Funny family stuff. The high point of my day.
Can you remember the last letter you received or wrote? Tim should get his letter from me in a couple of days. I'd like to keep the volley going. For a different idea on letter writing, take a look at this post.


  1. Going through an old box the other day and came across this letter from brother Paul. When David and I went away for college, Paul was
    about in second grade. I don't remember receiving mail from my brothers, but it must have worked. We are still great friends!

  2. Hi Pete, So nice you're still close to your brothers. Do you have any sisters? The age gap closes when you grow up. I'm crazy about my siblings. We're all different - but the same. Know what I mean?

  3. Yes, the gap does close. This week Paul connected me with his professor of Urban Management...I gave a lecture to the class in one of my buildings. Quite a treat.

    No sisters, just Brown Brothers. Josh Friedman was always glad to see us show up at the Wine Dale. Said we were the best behaved brothers to ever walk in the door...

  4. Not only a treat for you to give that lecture, but a source of pride for Paul too. You probably got some "popular points" for that. Sadie's phrase. Should we credit your mom with the nice manners of those Brown brothers?


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