Saturday, November 14, 2009

three generations of tiny

So, lots of you love your boots! Thanks for the all comments and emails following my best boot post. These little dandies are from Cheryl over at Double Talk. Three generations of tiny have loved these boots. Doesn't the worn leather look nice and comfy?


  1. yes and the red box looks cool, too!

  2. of those,"the older the better+yummier..." ~Lovely Sunday!

  3. I love those sweet boots. First a great pair of worn in boots can't be beat and second who can't resist little cute boots like that. Love them.

    Thanks - ann

  4. Shari, thanks for sharing Dad's boots. I'll send you a pic when the 4th generation dons them for their traditional "wearing of the boots" picture. Bracken is just 2 months so he still needs to grow into them.


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