Tuesday, November 24, 2009

shari cherries

When I was a kid, this was the only cherry I knew. The magnificent high fructose corn syrup infused maraschino! When I see a jar of these red babies, I always think of my grandmother, Mommy Elta. Because she knew I loved them, her Thanksgiving fruit salad always included a portion for me with lots and lots of extra maraschino cherries added. This small gesture made me feel special. Do you have similar memories associated with certain foods? Do tell...


  1. mexican salad is a standard of present and past tradition. It started with my Grandmother, she had a large yellow bowl and we would have the salad or banana pudding but never at the same time due to only having one large bowl.....Nique

  2. hi nique....i guess having one bowl does present some limitations in the kitchen! i love either/or...pudding or mexican salad. i hope all of you had a wonderful holiday. we sure did.

    thanks for reading nique!


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